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  • The El Paso MBC regularly hosts Matchmaking Forums and B2B events through Business Xpress Sessions.  These are sessions held on an “as needed” basis and feature different procurement officials as speakers.  These contracting officers address their forecasted procurement needs for the next year, and teach participants what it will take to work with them, including bonding requirements and capacities, or recognized small business certifications. 
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  • We will be in charge of inviting federal, state and local government specialists talk to you about special projects, opportunities, or just in gene

    ral to explain how to do business with them. Meet buyers, understand buying requirements and how to get into the buying system A great way to introduce your company, your products and/or services and get exposure! We are striving to connect small business vendors to government agency and prime contractor buyers.
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    How they can small businesses gain a competitive advantage by attending such events? We will prepare the setting, you still need to make the sell. Prepare and follow up, these kinds of events are what you make them. If you go to just listen, you may come away disappointed. If, on the other hand, you go to make something happen, you can come away with some good contacts, valuable insights, and solid business leads.