Strategic Business Consulting

Strategic Business Consulting services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Financial Analysis Services includes review of budgets, break-even analysis, cost accounting analysis, financial planning analysis, and financial transaction packaging
  • Marketing, Advertisement, Social Media and Sales Management includes strategic services designed to assist the client to increase sales
  • Operations & Quality Management, includes services designed to increase client capability such as (but not limited to): Manufacturing - facility lease; Construction – estimating bid preparation, and bonding; Risk Management; and, International Trade Assistance - exporting, importing, letters of credit, bank draft, distributorship, exporting trading companies (i.e. international freight forwarders), and joint ventures. 
  • General Consulting Management includes, but is not limited to discussions about organization and structure, formulating corporate policy, conducting feasibility studies, business planning, and organizational development. 
  • Joint Venture/Teaming Assistance: When it comes to Joint Ventures and Teaming arrangements, some of our most successful clients have used this as their business model. Through our strategic partnership arrangement with the Contract Opportunities Center (a joint project of the El Paso Community College and the Department of Defense), we conduct regular trainings on how to find the right teaming partners, the right bids to respond to, and how to successfully complete the work and exit the Joint Venture or Agreement.  Continued trainings of this type are imperative to emerging minority businesses that need every advantage to successfully bid against non-minority businesses.  Additional services that we provide are bilingual technical assistance; data links with the other listed resource organizations and procurement experts, and the creation of data exchanges.

The El Paso MBC understands that it will not perform or engage in the day-to-day operations of, or make decisions for, its clients. The primary goal of the Center is to facilitate access to contracts, capital and market opportunities that lead to the growth and expansion of MBEs. The level of strategic referral, consulting services and/or facilitating provided to MBEs will vary based on the stage of the MBE in its business life cycle.