Global Business Development

Our approach to Global Business Development began in 2001, when the Hispanic Chamber established a unique approach to providing business consulting to the region’s minority owned businesses, by creating the Entrepreneurial Technical Assistance Centers.  Each one of the technical centers was specifically designed to respond to a specific need in the minority business community. Clients receive their initial assessment by a qualified business development specialist, who in turn directs the client to either the Women’s Business Border Center (for start-up businesses), or to the El Paso MBC (for emerging minority owned businesses). Businesses are provided consulting services to help them achieve higher levels of growth.  The El Paso MBC has developed a very clear understanding of the types of challenges that growing minority firms face in accessing new markets, capital, management & technical assistance, and business education and training. Some of the strategies we’ve developed as solutions include;

  • Educating the market about opportunities in working with the local, state, and Federal government, as well as Corporate America.

  • Expanding and diversifying the portfolio’s and capability statements of business clients,

  • Targeting additional businesses within the Federal Hub Zones,

  • Targeting additional prospects for State Hub Certification, and,

  • Utilizing businesses that have received an 8A, Woman Owned Small Business, or Service Disabled Veteran certification for targeted growth.

Ongoing training and consultation is conducted inthe areas of Marketing, Financial Management, Operations & Quality Management, International Trade Assistance and Construction. The El Paso MBC has achieved well-documented successes in business consulting and counseling in the past 8 years of operation. We anticipate duplicating these successes throughout the continued operation of the El Paso MBC, enabling us to continue to provide the key services that are required through this program. 

The El Paso MBC services are targeted toward assisting MBE clients to achieve high levels of growth and competitiveness. Start-up and/or micro firms are referred to our Strategic Partners, so that the Center staff can focus on providing services to the target clients, eligible MBEs with one or more of the following characteristics: (1) annual revenues of over $1,000,000 (2) participation in a high-growth industry (i.e., green technology, clean energy, health care, infrastructure and broadband technology); or (3) rapid growth potential.  Knowing that the El Paso MBC is part of a broader MBDA network, we plan to continue reaching out and collaborating with the MBDA nationwide network of programs and projects to increase the capabilities of our local businesses.

Through these programs and services, El Paso MBC is making an impact on the El Paso community!  We have successfully contracted with 217 verified clients, directly assisting them in obtaining $1,012,598,534 in successful contracting, $219,738,310 in successful financial transactions, creating 1357 jobs, and retaining 1351 jobs.