Access to Markets

The MBDA Business Center-El Paso engages in activities designed to expand the MBEs access to new and emerging domestic and international markets to increase revenue growth.We are here to help small-business owners and decision-makers understand the government procurement and private-sector procurement spaces.

shutterstock 387881074Our assistance includes: 

  • Procurement Opportunities based on client needs
  • Sourcing Deals
  • Developing and maintaining stretegic alliances with pucharsing executives and governent procurement officials
  • Engaging in deal-making between purchasing organizations and minority firms
  • Bringing transactions to closure
  • Conducting B2B forums
  • Procurement/contract matchmaking events
  • Opportunity fairs
  • Networking events between MBEs and potential contract sources
  • Educating and assisting in the development of joint ventures, teaming arrangements, and strategic alliances
  • Solicitation analysis and bid/proposal preparation assistance
  • Identifying potential export markets
  • Facilitating global transactions
  • Providing referrals to international trade programs and services
  • Conducting market analysis and market promotion assistance

The El Paso MBC understands and educates our clients in the value of diversification of their businesses.  In 2014, the largest U.S. corporations purchased more than $100 billion in goods and services supplied by minority-owned enterprises (MBEs). We have worked with 217 clients in the past 7 years, to identify and  create opportunities and an environment for these minority business enterprises to grow, and to actively add value for corporate members through positive business relationships, by providing direct links, and connecting our MBEs to these corporate businesses.  We work with minority businesses interested in providing goods or services to corporate America and other buying entities, including local, state and federal government.   We market these valuable procurement opportunities through the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce website (check our Procurement Opportunities Section), a weekly e-commerce newsletter – distributed to over 5,000 individuals weekly, small business recognitions (Small Business Week, Med Week, etc.), as needed MBDA Client email alerts, and personal contact to follow up. 

Give us a call if you need our assistance and schedule an appointment with our Procurement Specialist at 915.351.6232