Special Programs

Special Programs

Education Foundation



To support and transform the lives of our community by providing college scholarships. 

WHO WE ARE: The El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce administers the EPHCC Educational Development Foundation, whose purpose is to make college admission possible for talented, motivated and economically disadvantaged students in El Paso County, Texas.

The EPHCC Educational Development Foundation has provided scholarships to deserving students who might not otherwise be able to afford a college education through generous donations from supporters like you. Our staff and board members work hard every day to ensure that qualified students have the opportunity to achieve their dreams.


Each year talented and motivated local youth apply for scholarships to cover the costs of higher education. Limited scholarship funds prevent many students from attending college. Please consider helping by becoming a scholarship sponsor.

Thanks to your generous support, EPHCC Educational Development Foundation is helping more students each year reach their full potential, which in turn, makes the future of our community that much brighter.

 For more information about scholarships, sponsorships and volunteering, visit their website:




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Jóvenes Empresarios

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Our Mission: To bring like minded entrepreneurs and professionals closer. To socially expand skills. And to strengthen our community through economic development. That is the purpose of Jovenes Empresarios. 

The objective of this group is in response to gaps of young professionals represented at various levels: civic, corporate, and political within our city. Our “Empire Builders/ Ground Breakers ~ Jovenes Empresarios” course will cover those areas and build the skills necessary to participate as a productive community builder.

Qualifications:Young professionals that are 40 years of age or younger who are owners of their own company and or management at the company they are currently with.

Schedule: The Sessions are one of the main focuses of the group and help refine and expand your knowledge in numerous areas. Thanks to resources afforded from the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the Jovenes Empresarios are able to obtain exclusive access to top industry professionals in a variety of topics that span various areas of business. Topics for the program’s 2017 sessions will include: leadership, social media and marketing, human resources, finance, money and banking, customer service, real estate investment, healthcare, ethics, and legal.

Sessions will occur once a month every 3rd Thursday of the month, February through November. A full calendar with exact dates will be available to all members.

Why Join? If you are a young professional entrepreneur and want to learn effectively how to:JEm

  • Connect to your peers
  • To join interesting organizations that will help you develop and grow your business and or career
  • Cultivate professional and social interests

What should you expect to learn?

  • What is Leadership and the Importance of a Leadership Pipeline – Participants learn the characteristics of good leadership and how it differs from management. Leaders play a critical role in developing subordinates who will fill the leadership pipeline with qualified leaders who will fill critical positions in the organization.
  •  Leading Change in an Uncertain World Participants focus on their capacity to lead change as opposed to reacting to change that is imposed by others of by the marketplace. This session helps participants to develop and refine their personal leadership skills in proactively leading change in their organizations.
  •  Internal & External Communication Strategies – Organizational and personal communication strategies are presented in a framework that will help guide participants’ interactions with internal and external stakeholders. Participants will learn the basic “rules” for interacting with media, public officials, trustees, professional peers, and clients/ customers.
  •  How Leaders Keep Score – Leaders are ultimately accountable to their stakeholders for the results that they have promised to deliver. This session will provide an overview of the financial and accounting systems that are used to keep score in modern business organization with an emphasis on using data to make good decisions.
  •  Definition of Boards and Commissions & Volunteerism, Civic Responsibilities and Corporate Leadership – What does it mean to serve on a board or commission? How do you know if you are ready to serve, and more importantly where you should serve? These questions, and more, will be answered by a panel of experts and activists. Additionally, participants will learn the meaning of volunteerism, civic responsibilities and corporate leadership. A panel of civic leaders will provide insight into the responsibilities of board members in organizations.
  •  Technology Strategies – Participants will learn to utilize social networking techniques and innovative technologies to promote their personal and organizational brands efficiently and effectively.  This exploration of Internet, media, and social networking strategies will give the participant a general view of the strategic implications and advantages of interactive technologies.

Course information and fees associated with this program:
Class Size:                    Not to exceed 30 individuals
Course Fee:                  $500.00 (payments accepted)
Location:                        El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
                                       2401 East Missouri, El Paso Texas 79903 (915) 566-4066
Time:                              Classes will be held monthly from 5:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. (subject to change dependent on speaker availability)
Application Deadline:     February 15, 2018