Mission & Vision

Statement of Purpose



The mission of the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is to continue to be the leading advocate in promoting the success of small minority and women owned businesses in the greater El Paso region, by providing resources, information and education while promoting the awareness and preservation of the Hispanic Culture. 

The El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is to become the core component for the El Paso region in fostering Entrepreneurial Economic Development. Where our existing companies are growing, where our entrepreneurs are reaching new horizons and where our small, minority and women owned businesses are thriving and out pacing all other markets. 



• We will act with fairness and integrity.

• We will represent our membership as responsible citizens in the business communities they serve.

• We will work as a team with our membership based company of businesses, professional leaders and individuals, to advocate for their needs.

• We will take leadership roles to promote responsible economic growth and employment opportunities.

• We will work with governments at all levels and educational entities at all levels to enhance El Paso as the place to do business and build a life channel.

• We will hold the business needs of our membership, stakeholders, and partners to be our highest priority.

• We will strive to deliver high-quality and timely cost effective programs, products and services that meet the needs of our business customer.

  • • We will continue to identify and develop individuals who will passionately and effectively provide leadership to our Chamber and the El Paso small business community. 

1. Influence public policy on key issues at all political levels, city, county, state and federal arenas that improve the business environment we serve.

2. Provide value to our members offering programs and opportunities of value to ensure that members receive a quality experience.

3. Lead business to business sharing to provide key channels for members to learn from each other and about new business ventures to ensure future leaders of business and board engagement

4.Continue to provide capital access linkages for business start-up, retention and growth.

5. Expand our Procurement and Certification Assistance in helping member businesses for diversifying their people, products, services and support new customer markets.

6. Drive new operational perspectives and connections of business information trends, training and technological advancements for sustainability of the vision of the chamber.

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 Your El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has remained an effective organization for 29 years because of its efforts to serve the ever-evolving small, minority and women owned business community, in the Border Area. Your Hispanic Chamber believes we each have a fundamental, moral obligation to help each other, and while some of us may rise faster than others, our ultimate goal is that we will rise together, while maintaining our individuality.