The History of the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
The El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce serves as a vital resource connection for the small minority, women and disadvantaged business community – and for the past 29 years, it has served as the primary catalyst to bring regional coordination and synergy to local minority business development.

Your El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce was established in order to reach out to El Paso’s small, minority, and women owned businesses with the programs and services to help them achieve success. Our role is to facilitate the “growth” or expansion of their business, as many are on the cusp of reaching full growth potential, and the programs and services we offer are reflective of that commitment.

Your Hispanic Chamber is located at 2401 E. Missouri, El Paso, Texas, in the heart of central El Paso, strategically located within the Federal Hub Zone and the Empowerment Zone areas, and currently operates an additional satellite office. Our satellite location is located at the Army Community Services, 2401 Ricker Rd. inside the Fort Bliss Army Base, and responds to the needs of retiring active duty military and military spouses that are interested in starting their own businesses.

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Your Chamber has fourteen 18 full-time staff professionals, 95% of which are Hispanic and fluently bilingual. The Chamber’s staff is reflective of El Paso’s 80% Hispanic population and are familiar with the complexities and sensitivities of serving the El Paso microenterprise business market.

Your El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce shares a vision to live by through the development of strength in numbers, by forming a strong economic base, and by meeting the needs of our community, through the sharing of beliefs, ideas, and successes. The Chamber continues its’ endeavors to become a caring and vibrant minority business organization unifying forces that will change lives.

The El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has found that today’s small business owner feels alone and often lacks access to resources, that they are concerned with issues affecting their day to day operations and are often so busy working in their business that they don’t spend enough time working on their business. We understand that small businesses need to learn how to:shutterstock 376467349

  • Compete for customers
  • Hire and retain good employees
  • Find affordable health insurance
  • Keep up with technology & advanced business practices
  • Learn how to navigate through the maze of licensing and permit requirements at all levels.

Further, they want and need assistance from individuals that take the time to understand their business, help that is convenient, and offers access to key trends in the marketplace, and user-friendly, hands-on tips. They need to have personal contact with peers, one on-one access to key industry experts, and referrals to other businesses.

Since January 2003, we have served 67,049 clients through counseling and training sessions; we have successfully packaged $617,491,351 in financing; we have successfully matched our clients to $1,510,027,230 worth of local, state and federal jobs; worked to start over 30,000 businesses; helped over 34,000 existing businesses stay in business, and have directly assisted over 44,450 El Pasoans get and stay employed!  Due to our direct technical assistance, we estimate a conservative $1,176,508,803 impact to our region’s economy.