Letter from our Chair

Omar Velliz 01Dear Members, 

I am honored to Chamber members for the opportunity to be the Chairman of the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors this year. The position will let me use by business and leadership skills to help all our members and the community at large to build a more business-friendly city!

Now that I have spent years devoting my life to the establishment of a successful comapny in El Paso, our beautiful, culturally rich, warm, unique place. I feel ready to share my knowledge, and effort to help build a business friendly environment in our community to take it to the next level. We are compromised to promote a friendly, interactive environment for members to advance… We know how important all this is.

The Chamber staff has been extremely helpful over the years of my company. The EP Hispanic Chamber is committed to its members’ experience and excellent customer service. We are also renewing our commitment to inform our membership with regard the many changes and proposals in legislation, local news and the economy overall that concern your business stability and operations.  Yes, being a partner with the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce can definitely be of great benefit to your business.

My main goal as a Chairman is to bring more value to our members this year in order to improve and expand their businesses. The Chamber’s leadership team is committed to supporting our local businesses in any way possible with meaningful services, workshops, trainings and conferences. All of you members, and prospective members will benefit from determining which programs are best oriented to getting your business to the next level. Networking at  a Café y Pan Dulce, showcasing your business at a Mercado,  getting inspired at our annual conference Dancing Backwards in High Heels, you will feel the support!

Lets keep El Paso strong, and let us help you get stronger. An important recommendation, if not the only recommendation you need, get involved with the many available opportunities provided by the Chamber. Join a Committee, participate in as many events as you can, establish relationships, visit the chamber and ultimately you will grow your business.

Muchas gracias and I am looking forward to assisting and directing the Board and Committees to work on improving the growth of all your businesses this year. Remember your input and interest is always welcome. Let’s shape the future of El Paso together.

Omar Veliz, Chairman 2018-2019
Veliz Construction